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Regulations concerning Public Information Disclosure

8/17/PD​G/2006 Obligations to Maintain Confidential Information
10/10/PDG/2008 Bank Indonesia Information Management
UU No.14 tahun 2008 Public Information Disclosure
PP No. 61 tahun 2010​ Implementation of Act No.14 of 2008 concerning Public Information Disclosure
PERMA No.02/2011 Public Information Dispute Resolution Procedures in Court
Information and Documentation Management at Bank Indonesia
Perki No.1 tahun 2013.pdf
Classification of Public Information​​
Perki No.1 tahun 2017.pdf
Public Information Dispute Resolution Procedure
9/11/PADG INTERN/2017 Public Information Services at Bank Indonesia​

SE Komisi Informasi No. 2 2020.pdf
Public Information Services in a Public Health Emergency Due to Corona Virus Diase (Covid 19)​

Draft Regulations concerning Public Information Disclosure at Bank Indonesia​

Last updated : Septembr 24, 2019

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