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Ultra Violet

Obverse Side Rupiah

Reverse Side Rupiah

History Rp 20.000,00

Rp 20.000,00​

Dr. G.S.S.J. Ratulangi, a National Hero

Obverse Side​

Gerungan Saul Samuel Jacob Ratulangi, known as Sam Ratulangi, was a Minahasan politician, journalist and teacher. He earned his doctorate degree in 1919 from University of Zurich, Switzerland, the alma mater of Albert Einstein.

Reverse Side

Gong Dance from the Dayak tribe in Kalimantan represents the beauty and tenderness of a woman. Derawan islands in East Kalimantan is a beautiful marine tourist destination and also home to endangered animals such as Green Turtles and Hawksbill Turtles. Black Orchid Flowers is a rare endemic flora of Papua. It can only grow in its natural habitat and is classified as difficult to breed.​​
Banknotes of Bank Indonesia

Series / Emission Year
The National Heros Series / Year 2016
Issuing Date​
December 19, 2016
Mr. Perry Warjiyo​, 
Ms. Sri Mulyani Indrawati
Oto Iskandar Di Nata, a National Hero

Cotton Fibers
147 x 65 mm

Dominant Colors
​- Obverse SideGreen

​- Reverse SideGreen

Main Design

​- Obverse Side
Dr. G.S.S.J. Ratulangi
​- Reverse Side

Gong Dancer, Scenery of Derawan, Black Orchid Flower (Coelogyne Pandurata)​

Safety Element - Viewed

DILIHAT 20Ribu-1.png

DILIHAT 20Ribu-3.gif

DILIHAT 20Ribu-2.gif

DILIHAT 20Ribu-4.gif

Safety Element - Touched

DIRABA 20Ribu-5.png

DIRABA 20Ribu-7.png

DIRABA 20Ribu-6.png

Safety Element - Telescoped

DITERAWANG 20Ribu-8.gif

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