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History Rp 2.000,00


Uncut Banknotes - Four Bilyets
Prince Antasari, a National Hero

Obverse Side​​​

As a prince and supreme leader of the Banjar Sultanate, Prince Antasari along with his troops bravely battled the Dutch troops who at the time possessed modern weaponry. After years of war, Prince Antasari died in the midst of his army because of his illness. During his fight, he never surrendered nor was deceived by the Dutch.

Reverse Side

An image of a traditional Dayak dance. One of Dayak’s famous dances is Kancet Datun Julut. This dance originally was to show gratitude for the healing of disease suffered by a noble wife in the Dayak tribe. But now this dance is also presented to welcome guests as well as an expression of thankful and joy.

Bank Indonesia issues and circulates 1,600 sheets commemorative currency of the 2,000 Rupiah denomination Emission Year 2009 in the form of 4 bilyets uncut banknotes. Each is issued with a certificate of authenticity from Bank Indonesia. Uncut banknotes is a common numismatics collector’s item and often used as souvenirs.
Uncut Banknotes

U​​​nc​​ut Banknotes of Bank Indonesia



Series / Emission Year
The Na​​tional Heroes Series / Year 2009

​Denomination Rp2,000​​
Issuing Date​

July 10, 2009

​Signatory Mr. Darmin Nasution, Mr. S. Budi Rochadi
Watermark Prince Antasari, a National Hero
Cotton Fibers
​Size​282​​​​​ x 130 mm​
Dominant Colors​​​​​

​- Obverse SideGrey
​- Reverse SideGrey
Main Design
​- Obverse Side
Prince Antasari, a National Hero

​- Reverse Side The Dayak traditional dancing​

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