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1/16/2020 1:00 AM
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Accelerating Impact in Investing in Indonesia [4-5 August 2020]

Flagship Program

Achieving inclusive growth is an opportunity not to be missed, with the potential for Indonesia to become the largest digital economy in ASEAN and the world’s 4th largest economy overall. In order to realize its potential, national leaders, multilateral stakeholders, private sector businesses, and new players within the impact economy as a new source of growth, must come together to collaborate and capitalize on opportunities for sustainable development.
Main Topics
This 2 days event will discuss how we can collaborate together to co-create a conducive environment for impact investing to unlock new resources for sustainable development, and create a resilient future for the country and region.
1.   Raise awareness & build understanding of how impact investing and social finance can be a tool for sustainable development in the Indonesian context.
2.   Catalyze collaborative discussion between national leaders, multilateral and donor country organizations, and private sector actors
3.   Creating opportunity for Impact Investor and Impact Enterprise to explore opportunities in Indonesia.
Target Audience
1. Impact Investors, Development Institutions.
2. Regional Central Bankers.
3. Mayor and vice mayor, regent and vice-regent, regional and municipal council.
4. Heads of BI Regional Office and other BI participants.
5. Other related Government Officials in Indonesia
6. Impact Enterprises & Private Sector CSR Program
7. Other related Private Sectors
Date : 4-5 August 2020
Partner: International Institutions

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