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6/20/2022 10:00 AM
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Flagship Program Catalogue 2022

Flagship Program

Flagship-Program-Catalogue-2022.JPGBI Institute aspires to constantly and actively contribute to competencies development for central bankers through various learning programs and modules that are aligned with current issues. In 2022, our learning program is designed to strengthen inclusivity in regards to digitalization and sustainable development topics, as well as the implementation of strategic foresight as a new paradigm for central banks. This is further supported by the utilization of various delivery channels that are easily accessible.

In 2022, BI Institute offer new learning modules such as green economy, green finance, and Central Bank Digital Currency, as well as reinforcing existing modules such as central bank policy mix, reserve management, and financial system stability among others. We believe these competencies are crucial to overcoming future challenges and that our flagship program would provide the opportunity for central bankers from all over the world to learn in collaborative and supportive environment.


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