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10/11/2022 12:00 AM
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Central Bank Digital Currencies; What Are They Good For?



The Central Bank is now focused on overcoming interruptions in the development of payment systems, financial and technical advancements through the use of digital currency. Several governments across the world have studied CBDCs and have implemented CBDC pilot projects in their operations. A Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) is basically a digital banknote. Individuals may use it to pay businesses, shops, or each other (a “retail CBDC"), while financial institutions could use it to settle transactions in financial markets (a “whole sale CBDC"). 

Moreover, CBDC would again grant the general public direct access to public money. Deposits and other digital currencies would be convertible into CBDC. This would immediately restore substitutability between payment instruments and keep their relative prices fixed. Hence, CBDC could be essential in maintaining the uniformity of money in a digital economy. CBDC would open up a direct channel by which monetary policy could be transmitted to the public. It may also permit the central bank's unit of account to remain relevant in a rapidly changing digital economy. According to the issue, this webinar are expected to be a platform for sharing knowledge about the basic concept, design, and technological innovation of Central Bank Digital Currencies implementation as financial innovation. Moreover, participants are expected to understand the infrastructure of CBDC to enhancing cross border payment and also its impact toward economy. 

This webinar is a collaboration between De Nederlandsche Bank and Bank Indonesia, also involving prominent speaker from Bank of France. Hopefully, this great collaboration would bring valuable takeaways and benefits to all parties involved and would be able to contribute both for national and global economy.


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