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5/21/2007 7:48 AM
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Government's Annual Work Plan for 2008


Investor Relations Unit (IRU)-Indonesia News
May, 21 2007

Plenary session of the Unified Indonesian Cabinet led by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on May 16, 2007 approved The Government’s Annual Work Plan for 2008. Based on the achievements in 2006, estimates for 2007 and challenges faced in 2008 the Government has determined that the key theme for 2008 is “Accelerating Economic Growth to reduce Poverty and Unemployment”.

The Government’s Annual Work Plan indicates that in 2008 the Indonesian economy is projected to grow 6.8 percent, inflation will be 6.0%, open unemployment 8.0-9.0% and poverty 15.0-16.8%.

The Government Work program has three key areas of focus namely :

  • Prioritizing the allocation of the budget resources consistent with the national priorities in the RKP;
  • Prioritizing government policies to accelerate economic growth and reduce poverty and unemployment; and
  • Prioritizing institutional reforms designed to support sustained economic growth.

Development Priorities of Government work program 2008 are :

  • Increase investment, exports and employment
  • Revitalize agriculture, fishery and forestry and rural development
  • Speed up infrastructure development and improve energy management
  • Increase the access to and quality of education and health
  • Increase the effectiveness of poverty reduction
  • Eliminate corruption and increase the pace of bureaucratic reform
  • Strengthen defense and domestic security
  • Improve the management and risk of natural disasters and accelerate the reduction of infectious diseases

Please find attached The Press Release for complete information.


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