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Regulation on Provision , Usage and Trading Of Biofuels  and New Income Tax Incentives For Investment 

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Regulation on Provision, Usage and Trading of Biofuels

As an effort to accelerate the use of biofuels as alternative energy, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources on 26 September 2008 issued Regulation No.32/2008 regarding   Provision, Usage  and  Trading  of  Biofuels  as  Alternative   Fuels  (the “Regulation”). The  Regulation  replaces  the  old  regulation  on  the  same subject matter.


New Income Tax Incentives for Investments

The government has issued  Government  Regulation  No. 62 of 2008 (“GR 62”) that revises  GR No. 1  of  2007   concerning   Income  Tax   Facilities   for  Investments  in  Specified  Business  Fields and/or Dedicated Regions. With GR 62, the government’s income tax incentives  are now extended to 23 business fields in general (formerly 15) and 15 business fields in dedicated regions (formerly 9).


Details for both regulations can be found in the attachment or is accessible through the website:


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