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Current Issue on Technological Risk in Financial System [24-28 February 2020]

Flagship Program

This program is designed to impart a comprehensive perspective on the origin and drivers of various information technology (IT) risks as well as the identification, assessment, and management of these risks. The program includes review of industry practices on IT Governance to manage and mitigate the IT risks and challenges in this digital economy and the FinTech era. More importantly, this program also provides a comprehensive understanding of prudential RegTech and SupTech including risk management practices that are aligned with international standards.
This is a highly interactive program and through the use of real-life risk management case studies on information security, cybercrime and cyber security, IT outsourcing, business continuity management practices, risks underlying data integrity, emerging FinTech risks and attendant risks, also the RegTech and SupTech issue in international best practice. It aims to provide participants with a practical approach to enhancing supervisory capacity in the area of technological risk management.
Main Topics
1.   Identification of Technological Vulnerabilities
2.   Technological Risk Assessment and Risk Management
3.   Best-practice Technology-risk management on Financial Institution
4.   IT Governance, IT Policy, and Business Continuity Management
5.   Emerging Fintech Risk Management
6.   Regtech principles, concept, framework in international perspective
7.   Suptech topology and tools hierarchy in data collection and data analytics
8.   Data Integrity Risk Management
9.   Cybercrime, Cyber Security, and Information Security
10. IT outsourcing
By the end of the program, participants should understand the growing complexity of technological vulnerabilities,the
development of digital economy, as well as critical supervisory concerns on technological risk. Participant should be
able to explain technological risk assessment and risk management; be able to explain IT governance and IT policy
for technological specific risks; know how financial institution manage the technological risks; know the concept of
business continuity management; understand the emerging fintech risk management, regtech and suptech concept,
cybercrime, and cyber security in this emerging digital era.
Target Audience
This program is designed for middle-to-senior level central bankers/monetary authority/financial supervisory authority
engaged in the supervisory and oversight of information technology and related operational risks.
Date    : 24-28 February 2020
Partner: Toronto Centre

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