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6/24/2022 12:00 AM
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De Nederlandsche Bank: International Conference on Payment System and Fintech



Rapid advent of technology has experienced explosive growth in innovations of financial system. Thus can be seen by how the 'Techs' are entering the market: big tech from above and Fintech start-ups from below and made the banks being disrupted by a sort of transformative environment. The concept that we called “Internet of value" by Ripple have also shown how the technology extends to impact the financial sector. It envisions an internet where value can be transferred as easily, cheaply, and reliably as data is transferred now. Along with the enhancement of the world economy globalization, Facebook announced Libra and has become very disruptive and a game changer. FinTech is developing rapidly and the technological applications could be adopted. Any of FinTech has the capacity and the promise to deliver significant benefits to financial market infrastructures and for consumers. Their high movement also benefits for financial stability and for financial inclusion.


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