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9/7/2022 12:00 AM
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Official Reserve Assets August 2022 Remained High

Government Press Release

No. 24/240/DKom 

Indonesia's official reserve assets position remained high at USD132.2 billion as of end-August 2022, relatively stable compared with USD132.2 billion as of end-July 2022. The development of official reserce assets in August 2022 was influenced, amongst others, by tax and services receipts, oil and gas foreign exchange receipts, and the need for Rupiah stabilisation in line with persistently elevated global financial market uncertainty.

The position of official reserve assets was equivalent to finance 6,1 months of imports or 6,0 months of imports and servicing government's external debt, and well above the international adequacy standard of three months imports. Bank Indonesia considers the official reserve assets position ample to support the external resilience and maintain macroeconomic and financial system stability.

Moving forward, Bank Indonesia views that the official reserve assets remain adequate, supported by the stability and solid domestic economic outlook, in line with the policy responses to maintain macroeconomic and financial system stability and to support the national economic recovery process.



Jakarta, 7th September 2022

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