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8/8/2006 4:11 AM
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The Government is holding government bonds buy back through debt switching mechanism on August 8, 2006

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On August 8, 2006, The Government is holding government bonds buy back through debt switching mechanism. Basically, all holders of Government Bond series which is offered hereunder can participate in such auction, however in its implementation, must be conducted through a registered Auction Participant and obtain authorization from the Ministry of Finance.  Currently there are 25 (twenty five) registered Auction Participants consisting of eleven national private banks, three State Owned (BUMN) banks, six foreign banks, and five security companies. The said Auction Participants are Bank BCA, Bank Niaga, Bank Buana Indonesia, Bank Danamon Indonesia, Bank Mega, Bank Lippo, Bank NISP, Bank Artha Graha, Bank Permata, Bank BII, and Bank Panin.  Bank Mandiri, Bank BNI and Bank BRI, Citibank NA, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, DBS, Standard Chartered Bank, and ABN Amro NV.  Trimegah Securities, Mandiri Sekuritas, Danareksa Sekuritas, Bahana Securities, and BNI Securities.

The offering price is stated at a clean price with the price unit in the form of percentages up to two decimals and the multiple of 0.05 percent.  The minimum offering volume is one billion rupiah or one thousand units, with a multiple of one billion rupiah or one thousand units. Series of Government Bonds which can be offered by Government Bond holders (source bond) are as follows:




Due Date


Current interest / unit *

VR 0011

February 25, 2007


IDR. 25.770,00

FR 0029

April 15, 2007


IDR. 30.628,00

FR 0005

July 15, 2007


IDR.   8.988,00

VR 0012

September 25, 2007


IDR. 15.528,00

VR 0013

January 25, 2008


IDR.   5.617,00

VR 0014

August 25, 2008


IDR. 25.770,00

VR 0015

December 25, 2008


IDR. 15.528,00

FR 0002

June 15, 2009


IDR. 21.803,00

VR 0016

July 25, 2009


IDR.   5.617,00


* The applicable coupon and current interest per unit of Government Bonds series VR shall be that at the time of settlement August 11, 2006.


The destination Bond offered by the Government shall be series FR0034 due on June 15, 2021 with an interest rate of 12.8000%.  The offering price of series FR0034 is 105,30%.


The announcement of the auction results shall be conducted on August 8, 2006 after 16.00 (West Indonesian Time).


The settlement shall be conducted through the BI-SSSS system (Bank Indonesia – Scripless Securities Settlement System) on August 111, 2006 and shall only be conducted with Auction Participants.  The settlement shall be conducted by transferring source bonds to the Government and receiving destination bonds from the Government, and settling the difference in cash (if any).  The settlement shall be conducted by observing Announcement Number Peng-430/PB.5/2005 dated 7 December 2005 and provisions regarding the settlement of Government Securities stipulated by Bank Indonesia.


Source : Ministry of Finance


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