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6/24/2022 5:00 AM
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International Webinar on Financial Consumer Protection and Data Privacy in Digital Era



The increasing public demand for financial services and a faster, more efficient and smoother payment system has encouraged banking institutions and other financial institutions to develop various product and service innovations that can accommodate the needs of the community. Along with the development of products, business models and technology rapid growth make it possible to form new innovation offering fast, efficient, secure and better experience for consumer. In the current digital economy era, technological developments such as block chain, QR-code, contactless chip, NFC, etc. as well as various innovations in electronic payment system products such as e-money, electronic wallet, mobile payment, etc. have had a very positive impact on the development economy and financial inclusion in Indonesia. However, these developments also pose challenges for law enforcement, banking, fintech and other financial institutions. Various criminals also use banking products and services/payment systems as a means to carry out various acts of criminals act with increasingly diverse and new crime mode include the false use of consumer data.​


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