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3/4/2019 12:00 AM
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Central Bank Policy Mix: Issues, Challenges and Policy Response [8-11 April 2019]

This workshop provides an examination of policy perspectives on the linkages between monetary and financial stability, including its dynamic interactions, source of pressures, policy strategy, and institutional implication. The workshop will equip participants with overview of the role, objectives, and lessons for the design of financial system stability analysis and macroprudential policy in light of the recent financial crisis. Participants will also learn further issues on monetary theory, policy frameworks, exchange rate concepts, and measurement, enriched with exchange rate policy. The workshop will be enriched with group work and discussion on policy mix case study.
• New Framework on Central Bank Policy Mix;
• Holistic approach to Financial Stability Analysis (FSA);
• Macroprudential Policy in Lıght of The Global Financial Crisis;
• Architecture of Macroprudential Policies;
• Macro-Financial Surveillance;
• Experience of Central Bank Policy Mix Implementation; and
• Central Bank Policy Mix : Case Study.
Upon completion of this program, participants are expected to:
• Understand the complexity of central bank problems after the global financial crisis and the
  new paradigm of central bank policy; and
• Able to develop optimal mix of policy mixes based on economic conditions.
Middle to senior official from central banks and related institutions working on formulating and implementing monetary policy, macroprudential policy and other related area on macroeconomics and financial stability.
Date     : 8-11 April 2019 (Jakarta), July 2019 (Turkey)
Partner : IMF-STI, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT)

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