Pilar 2: Research​

The research pillar supports research on the latest issues and strategic foresight in terms of the macroeconomic-monetary sector, financial system stability, financial markets, payment system and managerial leadership in order to strengthen the learning program and curriculum.  The BI Institute also conducts research underlying BI and national policymaking.

Core Principles of Research 


​​Research Program Structure 


Research Taxonomy

Academic Research:

  1. Research exploring the latest central banking issues to support the learning program
  2. Research outputs used as a reference for the learning program
  3. Conducted by researchers and faculty members

Frontier Research:

  1. Research examining the latest strategic national economic issues as well as new central banking and leadership policies
  2. Strategic ideas based on the current research targeted for publication in leading scientific publications as well as dissemination amongst relevant government ministries and institutions
  3. Conducted by BI Institute researchers, research fellows, visiting researchers, research grant recipients and internal doctoral candidates​


Framework Riset 2018


Katalog Tema Riset 2018



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