Proceeding - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
24 Agustus 2019
Tanggal Judul Hits
18-09-2018 Transformational Leadership in the Next Era: Issues, Challenges & Strategies 329
07-06-2018 Transformational Leadership: Coping With The Challenges In VUCA Environment, An Applied Neuroscience Perspective 403
29-03-2018 Proceeding Economic Leadership For Regional Government Leaders Angkatan III 433
01-02-2018 Conference Proceeding 11th International Conference & Call for Paper Bulletin of Monetary Economics and Banking (BMEB) "Synergy on The VUCA World: Maintaining the Resilience and the Momentum of Economic Growth" 73
24-03-2017 Proceedings of The International Statistical Institute, Regional Statistics Conference 2017 "Enhancing Statistics, Prospering Human Life" 192
21-03-2017 Structural Reform in Emerging Asia 1389
14-02-2017 Conference Proceedings "Financial Stability and The Global Landscape" 10th International Conference - Jakarta, August 2016, Bulletin of Monetary Economics and Banking 67
01-08-2016 Managing Stability and Growth under Economic and Monetary Divergence 1342
09-05-2016 Indonesia Menghadapi Perkembangan Ekonomi Dunia yang Sarat Risiko dan Ketidakpastian 1532
16-11-2015 Interaction of Monetary Policy and Financial Stability Policy 1412
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