Bank Indonesia Leadership Forum <strong>[6 May 2019] </strong> - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
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10 Agustus 2020

​Bank Indonesia Leadership Forum

6 May 2019

The global challenge is posing threat and opportunities simultaneously. It is important that each sector in the economy understand the key issues and the method to resolve the problem as a leader. To answer that challenge, Bank Indonesia Institute Leadership forum is established as a credible and trustworthy forum is needed to prepare domestic and foreign economic leaders and practitioners to be ready to respond to future economic challenges.
Strategic issues related with the development of national economy, including the following topics: 1) Economy, 2) Finance and Banking, 3) Human Capital Development, 4) Trade, 5) Technology, 6) Policy Interlink, 7) International Diplomacy, 8) Law.
Upon completion of this program, participants are expected to be ready to respond to global economic challenges. Participants shall also acquire insight from prominent speakers regarding the specific matter that will be discussed in detail during the forum.
Executives from related Bank Indonesia’s stakeholders including government institutions, related associations, state owned company, experts, academician, banking and financial sector, corporate university, faculty member and respective board, and private institution with great concern about the development of national economy.
Date       : 6 May 2019
Location : Jakarta


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