SEACEN Course on Transformational Leadership Through Catalytic Collaboration in the Digital Era <strong>[31 July 2019] </strong> - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
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10 Agustus 2020
Transformational Leadership Through Catalytic Collaboration
 in the Digital Era
31 july 2019
Albert Einstein once said that one of the measurements of intelligence was the ability to change. Moreover, industry and the world are exponentially transforming. Many industries are reborn and reinvented. If a leader does not change, he or she will be eliminated. Subsequently, it will negatively impact on the industry that he or she leads; it will be eliminated, too. It is clear that this era is an era of a faster and smarter world. Therefore, transformational leadership is required and collaboration is the key to creating the preferable future.
This program will be held in the form of a seminar the participants of which come from central banks, financial institutions, and regulatory agencies in ASEAN countries. The program’s main objective is to open the participants’ insights to see two key areas, namely the world’s drastic changes in the economic and financial contexts that central bankers, financial players, and regulators should understand and how transformational leaders should face these contextual challenges.
The seminar’s main topics will cover various transformational leadership perspectives and approaches in coping with the challenges of the VUCA environment and their implementations in the workplace and daily life routines.
The seminar is structured as a one-day seminar with various types of learning methods included in these structured seminar presentations, inspiring panel discussions and exhibitions related to digital economy.
The objective of this program is to provide participants with theoretical and practical knowledge about current issues in the leadership field in order to help transformational leaders enhance the quality of their transformational leadership competencies and their organizational effectiveness (especially in the public policy context).
The seminar will target audiences from middle to senior-level officials from regulatory agencies and policy-makers from central banks in the Asian region, who play a strategic role in the area of human capital management, training center, and/or HR practitioners, practitioners who are interested in leadership practices, related ministries/agencies, corporate universities, academicians and other related institutions.
Date     : 31 July 2019
Partner : Offered by The SEACEN Centre and hosted by BI Institute
Note     : Back-to-back with SEACEN’s Directors of Human Capital and Training (DOHCT)
Conference and meeting on 29-30 July 2019 (invitation only).


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