Current Issues in Central Bank Statistic: Measuring Digital Economy <strong>[2-5 September 2019] </strong> - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
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10 Agustus 2020
Current Issues in Central Bank Statistic: Measuring Digital Economy
2-5 September 2019
The evolving digital economy raises many policy issues that should be addressed. Policy makers need to consider the implications of digitalization for policies related to areas such as the labor market, education skills, innovation, competition, consumer protection, etc. Digitalization are fundamentally changing the way people, businesses and government interact, the movement of data across national borders, changing the nature, patterns and actors in international trade in goods and services. The rapidly evolving nature of the digital economy provides an impetus for developing countries to discuss new statistical needs, to be better reflect the changing that they face and to adapt existing measurement frameworks to fit their circumstances.
The digital economy today;
Measuring the digital economy;
Compilation challenges and state of play in national accounts;
Compilation challenges for monetary and financial statistics;
Compilation challenges and state of play in external sector statistics; and
Price index compilation challenges and state of play.
Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:
Understand the current issues in measuring digital economy to be publicized as statistical
Enhance the ability in dealing with constructing central bank statistics due to the impact of
   fast-growing digital economy; and
Understand the importance of having good statistical data in the digital era.
Mid to senior level statisticians and economists from central banks and regulatory authorities.
The participants are expected to have advanced degree in economics, mathematics or statistics.
Date : 2-5 September 2019
Partner : IMF, OECD central bank partners, etc.


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