Currency Management System<strong> </strong><strong>[24-27 June 2019] </strong> - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
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10 Agustus 2020
Currency Management System
24-27 June 2019
The issues and management of banknotes have been the basic and publicly visible function of the central bank since its inception. The distribution of fresh banknotes as well as the withdrawal and destruction of old, worn and dirty banknotes constitute the core of currency management operations at the central bank. With the escalation of transactions precipitated by the economic growth, demand for currency has constantly increased, notwithstanding the technological progress on non-cash modes of payment. In pursuance of providing quality and fit for circulation banknotes to the public, central banks undertook a series of initiatives, including regular supply of fresh banknotes, speedier disposal of soiled banknotes and extensive mechanisation of cash processing activities. The central bank also examining various options to extend the life of banknotes as part of its ‘Clean Note Policy’. Furthermore, central banks have also taken several steps to curb the menace of counterfeit notes by (i) creating awareness through publicity campaigns; (ii) enhancing the security features; and (iii) using technology to detect fake notes.
Topics covered includes:
How to enhance the suply chain in currency management based on country’s characteristic;
Selecting security features and its complexity and how to measure the counterfeit index;
Impact and the use of rapid innovation of IT on currency management;
The methodology of procurement especially for finished notes/coins; and
Impact of non cash transaction on the need of cash and how the currency forecasting is
   affected .
Upon completion of this program, participants are expected to understand the role of central bank in currency management policy, cash handling business process, as well as anti-counterfeiting measures.
This event is aimed at analysts, researchers, and managers from central bankers with interests in currency circulation policy and management, and operation managerial of regional central bank office.
Date     : 24-27 June 2019
Partner : Various central banks and prominent institutions


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