The 13<sup>th</sup> BMEB International Conference and Call for Papers <strong>[29-30 August 2019]</strong> - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
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10 Agustus 2020
The 13th BMEB International Conference and Call for Papers
The region’s premier institution, Bank Indonesia Institute, is pleased to host the inaugural international conference on the theme “Maintaining Stability, Strengthening Momentum of Growth Amidst High Uncertainties in Digital Era”, in collaboration with Asian Development Bank and the Asia-Pacific Applied Economics Association. The conference will be held in Bali, Indonesia on the August 29-30, 2019.
Papers in all areas relating to the theme are welcomed. Specific topics of interest relate to but not limited to:
- Global economic landscape shift
- Macroeconomic dynamics
- Macro-financial linkages
- Post-GFC policy implications
- Macroeconomic fundamentals
- New growth model
- Digital innovation
- Payment system platform and new financial services
- Development issues in Asia and the Pacific
Across all the above topics, papers related to computable general equilibrium and dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models are equally welcomed.
Registration and submission of full paper (in English) with (at least) 3 JEL classifications, in Word version can be done electronically through this link or e-mail to:
Detail abstract is required and must contain:
  • Research background, research questions, review of related previous study,contribution and limitation of research;
  • Explanation of data and variables;
  • Clear explanation on estimation method; and
  • Expected result.
  • Full paper should not exceed 25 pages, A4 paper, 1.5 spacing, Times New Roman, size 12;
  • Symbols and equations must be written using Microsoft Equation; and
  • Authors are encouraged to write their reference using Latex, Mendeley, or standard citation and reference software.

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