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October 31, 2020

Why is Bank Indonesia Transforming?

Bank Indonesia has long-term aspirations to realise, otherwise known as the vision. In addition to the vision, another important element is the mission. The mission determines the boundaries and intentions of all activities towards realising the vision. An organisation with a clear vision and mission will be able to effectively navigate when aligning its strategy and resource management elements, as well as in achieving success and long-term sustainability. The vision and mission are also meant to inspire and encourage all elements of the organisation to focus on the unity of purpose.

In a dynamic and strategic environment, a sound strategy and close coordination with the Government and other relevant institutions are required in order to manifest bank Indonesia's vision of providing a tangible contribution to the Indonesian national economy and becoming the best central bank amongst emerging markets. In addition, Bank Indonesia is expected to create a culture based on religion at work and away from the office.

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