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July 07, 2020

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”, Benjamin Franklin.

Departing from the principle that the investment with the highest return is knowledge, Bank Indonesia in conjunction with several other institutions that have implemented transformation established the Community of Practices (CoP). CoP is a group or community with a common interest or concern that dispenses tips, tricks and information. The community formed as a result of commitment from a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) between several government ministries and institutions to communicate Bank Indonesia transformation on 29th March 2017 held on the third floor of the Syafruddin Prawiranegara Building at Bank Indonesia.

The participating government ministries and institutions include: 1) Ministry of Finance; 2) Ministry of Transportation; 3) Ministry of Trade; 4) Pertamina; 5) Bank Mandiri; 6) PT. Angkasa Pura II; 7) PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (PT KAI); 8) Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS); and 9) Asset Management Company. At each meeting, representatives take turns to present how the transformation process is implemented and managed.

At the second meeting on 23rd May 2017, two salient conclusions were drawn, first was that a change in the internal culture of an organisation would improve the public image. This is what happened at Pertamina, as confirmed by the Senior Analyst of Culture and Change Management, Fimelia. The second point was that change cannot be achieved by an individual, a team or only the top management. Change is something that must be undertaken by all components of the organisation. To that end, a team is required to oversee the transformation. Such dynamics were revealed by the head of the Program Management Office at Bank Indonesia, Elisabeth Sukawati, who found that in line with the Bank Indonesia Transformation Program that had been running for three years, the programs had to be aligned with those of the Department of Human Resources, Department of Communication and Department of Strategic Management and Governance.

Thereafter, Bank Indonesia initiated a Transformation Bulletin, so that the knowledge and experiences would not be lost but instead would become institutional memories of the transformation. In a broader context, the Bulletin contains various details of the transformation, change management, communication program and outcomes already achieved by each ministry and institution. The first edition contains articles written by PT. KAI, PT AP II, the Ministry of Finance, Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS), Bank Indonesia and Pertamina. The Bulletin was disseminated to all participating institutions and work units at Bank Indonesia in attendance, namely the Department of Human Resources, Department of Communication and Department of Strategic Management and Governance.

Moving forward, the CoP meetings will be held every two months. In July 2017, Pertamina will host the CoP meeting. At the Forum, each government ministry and institution will share and absorb knowledge based on the experiences of the other ministries and institutions. Consequently, moving in unison should be easier through this learning process to the betterment of government ministries and institutions as well as the Republic of Indonesia.



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