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August 14, 2020
Leadership Insight and BI Transformation
The seven leadership insights applied by Bank Indonesia during the Transformation Program are as follows:
  1.  Love of BI, to love the organisation wholeheartedly.  Love makes us try our best for the organisation, as reflected by sound performance.
  2. Love of Knowledge (Competence), to continue learning as much as possible.  It is not only the knowledge that is required to execute one's duties but also the knowledge to serve as a higher official.  The hard competencies are strengthened and the soft competencies expanded, thereby creating further opportunities for advancement.
  3. Strategic Thinking, to hone the capacity for strategic thinking.  In this case, not only the background (why) and the implementation (how) are required, yet the conceptual aspects (how) must also be strengthened.  To that end, a sound framework is required for more effective implementation of all work-related activities.
  4. Change Leadership, to ensure that each day is better than the last.
  5. Gaining Commitment, the ability to mobilise and garner commitment from others, especially in a team leadership setting.  This is achieved through motivation, explaining the vision, strategy and programs as well as joint implementation. 
  6. Love of God (BI Religi), familiarising oneself with God through worship and meditation based on religious teachings.  A closeness to God is also required in the execution of work duties.
  7. Love of Family, maintaining familial harmony in order to avoid distraction when executing office duties.




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