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October 23, 2020

‘‘Nam et ipsa Scientia Potesta Est” or Knowledge is Power is an expression by Francis Bacon used for describing the role and the benefit of knowledge.The needs of human being for knowledge are like their needs for water, the air, and the sun…., and  Bank Indonesia presents the Library to satisfy your needs for knowledge.

The Library’s collections are presented to fulfill your needs for literature …. with its main collections covering the subjects of monetary economics, banking, and payment system … still we do not ignore your need for other subjects such as religion, psychology, health, fiction, and others.

Now, the Library’s collection includes more than 48.000 titles of book, 400 titles of periodicals, and several  on-line journals (JSTOR, Proquest, Science Direct, dan Emerald).  It also covers the the publications of Bank Indonesia as well as other institutions like government and international institutions.

The Library also collects  newspaper clippings, with topics related to Bank Indonesia’s tasks, starting from 1998 until now.
From this page, you can get many information about our collection.

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