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October 31, 2020
:: Philosophical Reason
Given the duties of the Indonesian Central Bank with national scope and dimension, and the fact the Indonesian Central Bank as regulated in Bank Act No. 23 of 1999, is independent from the government’s interventions, as well as the fact that in performing its tasks, the Indonesian Central Bank makes use of its office network in the region, the only institution which is feasible and must explain its function and role is the Central Bank itself.
In this respect, the Indonesian Central Bank as one of the means to do so, must be expanded in such a way that it owns a national scope. This means not only the Indonesian Central Bank provides information about the policies made at the central level, but also describes their implementation in the regions. In other words, the regions must also set up their own Mini Indonesian Central Bank Museums (MMBI) by making use of the old and idle buildings. At the moment, apart from continuing the construction of the Indonesian Central Bank Museum in the downtown area, BI is in the preparation of building MMBI in Padang, West Sumatra.
:: Vision
Become an informative, trusted, modern, and interesting source of information related to Indonesian Central Bank which is managed professionally.

:: Missions
Provide interesting educational tools for public while utilizing appropriate technology information that related to:
  • Function and role of Bank Indonesia from time to time
  • Heritage buildings of Bank Indonesia and the collections related to the history of Bank Indonesia, also with the preservation.
  • History of central bank's policy in monetary, banking, and payment systems

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