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August 13, 2020
Museum Bank Indonesia will be launched officially on 2008. Currently Museum Bank Indonesia is in the implementation phase. It will provides some facilities to comfort its guests, such as :
:: Cloak Room
This room is available for the visitors wishing to put their belongings while visiting the Central Bank Museum.
:: BI Information Centre
In this room, the visitors will have the access to abundant information from the past to the present moment with quite lenghty time series about the history and the role of the Central Bank. All this information may be obtained through multi-media equipment and is readily useful for conducting a research, analysis making and so on. Apart from the information from the Central Bank, other information from various sources, domestic and overseas are also available. Visitors can also print any data/information from the computer. In addition to such plentiful information, the Central Bank has launched BI Virtual Museum that provides information about the Central Bank Museum through the internet network.
:: Auditorium
This auditorium is situated on the 2nd floor of the Central Bank Museum adjacent to BI Information Center. This room is used to convene seminars and discussions sponsored by the Central Bank or outside parties.
:: Books and Souvenirs
Visitors may purchase various publications and souvenirs pertaining to the museum, particularly the Central Bank Museum. Snacks and drinks are also available.

:: Multi-purpose Room
One of the major attractions of the Central Bank Museum is the availability of a number of rooms which may be rented by the public. One of the rooms is the multi-purpose room situated on the 1st floor. This room is ideal to hold different kinds of functions such as wedding party, large gathering or meeting and many other purposes. A modern party that is held in such a historical place will certainly make the party even more memorable.

Museum Cafe
This cafe reflects a modern style of living projected in the Central Bank Museum. In here, the visitors may take a rest while enjoying good food and beverage. Visitors may also read various economic, business and banking dailies and magazines. The cafe is also equipped with several TV screens featuring programs focused on economic, business and banking issues. The cafe is an ideal place for some light entertainment with business relations at the day time or lunch time.



Indonesian Central Bank Museum is proud of its two versatile libraries, namely:
1. Special library for museum researchers
2. Public library
These librarires own a wide-range collection of reference materials, magazines and documents kept in multi-media equipment. All of these are available for the visitors who genuinely wish to broaden their knowledge, conduct a research or analysis.
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