​Fun Game to Celebrate Indonesian Independence Day at Museum BI - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
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January 21, 2020
Happy Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia,  Happy 71st Independence Day. On  27 August 2016 Museum BI conducted a fun game for the Museum visitors. All visitors who wish to participate in the quiz game were instructed to take the question form provided at the Visitor Centre. The visitors were asked to answer the questions and give the form back to the Museum guide at the Lobby.  To be able to answer the questions, the visitors had to take explore the Museum and find the answer inside the Museum. There were three types of the question written in the form. The prizes provided by the Museum were very interesting.  If a visitor was able to answer one piece of question form, the visitor would receive bookmark, two pieces of question, ballpoint, three pieces, stationery.  Finally, if a visitor was able to answer four or five pieces of question forms, the visitor could select a prize such as android cellphone, microwave, juicer, hairdryer, rice cooker, oven etc.
Visitors were enthusiastic to participate in the quiz game, and the they came with families to visit the Museum and participated in the game.  The event ended at 15.00 pm.  Museum BI expects that in this 71th anniversary, Indonesia will be a great country in terms of economy and the people’s welfare.


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