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October 02, 2020


In its duty implementation, the accountability and transparency principles are constantly implemented by way of conveying information related to policies to the stakeholders of Bank Indonesia. Communication approach of Bank Indonesia is conducted in a horizontal proactive and multi-channel nature, which is done actively and two-ways by taking initiatives to disseminate information on its policies early on and planned with various instruments of communication.

The implementation of Bank Indonesia communication is directed to support the achievement of Bank Indonesia goals. Therefore, Bank Indonesia shall focus its communication strategy to the product of policy which is in accordance with the public needs and expectations. It is expeted that the communication policy can form public expectations that are in conformity with the policy direction of Bank Indonesia.

To communicate the policy, conventional media such newspaper, television, radio or through website and social media are to be used. Other than through those communication channels, the communication with DPR, the government or other government agencies continues to be strengthened to synergize inter-institutions communication.

Besides, Bank Indonesia shall issue periodically various publications such as Bank Indonesia Authority and Duty Implementation Report, Bank Indonesia Annual Report, Montly Indonesia Financial Economic Statistic, Monthly Monetary Policy Review, Quarterly Monetary and Economic Development, Quarterly Report on Monetary Policy Development and other reports. This is conducted solely so that the stakeholder of Bank Indonesia understands deeply and comprehensively concerning the duties and policies issued by Bank Indonesia.

Detail explanation concerning Public Information Services and Reports can be accessed in the menu  Public Information Service and Publication Report.

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