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February 28, 2020


Bank Indonesia is constantly committed to enforce governance, particularly in relation to the conflicts of interest in the implementation of duties. One of the conflicts of interest that become the concern of Bank Indonesia is related to accepting/giving presents (gratification). Accepting a gift related to the duties and functions is a bridge to the occurrence of conflicts of interest that harms the institution interest and is a source of corruptions that destroys the credibility of the institution and damages the nation. Hence, it is critical to make arrangement to gratifications as governed in the internal regulation of Bank Indonesia concerning code of ethics and code of conduct of Bank Indonesia, and also the regulation on Control of gratification.

The internal regulation on gratification control governs in details the handling mechanism of accepting gifts that is worthy consideration of benefitting one own’s purpose and/or others through the use of authority, that might influence the objectivity and quality of decision and/or action as the Employee of Bank Indonesia.

Based on the two regulations, Employees are obliged to refuse the gifts allegedly given due to positions. In the event the gifts cannot be refused due to a compelling condition or received by family, Employees are obliged to make efforts to immediately return the gifts to the givers and informing them regarding the rule on prohibition of accepting gifts in Bank Indonesia.

To ensure the controlled commitment of Bank Indonesia employees in accepting gratification, Bank Indonesia has a regulation concerning the procedure of gratification control. In its enforcement, a Unit of Gratification Control has been established that will handle the reporting of gratification receipts from employees in coordination with the Commission of Corruption Eradication (Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi-KPK) upon the presence of gratification reporting.

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