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October 02, 2020


As a part of the efforts to realize a state administration that is clean and free from corruptions, colusions and nepotism, Bank Indonesia requires leaders and employees of Bank Indonesia to submit a Report of State Official Assets (Laporan Harta Kekayaan Penyelenggara Negara-LHKPN) to the Commission of Corruption Eradication (Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi-KPK).

The obligation of this assets reporting is an infrastructure used to prevent potential occurrences of abusing position and authority, to instill honesty and integrity, and also transparency in the state official circle and commitment to realize a clean state administration at the entire level of organization.

Employees who are obligated to report are not only the employees at leadership level. It also includes employees at implementer level who have assignments directly connected with external parties, for instance in the field of licensing, procurement, recruitment, cash, and management of physical money.

In line with the obligation mandated in the laws, the submission of LHKPN shall be conducted when the employees occupying their titles/positions, and to be renewed every two (2) years from the previous LHKPN submission. Prior to entering their retirement age limit, the employees again must submit LHKPN.

To maintain commitment and to ensure the implementation of the obligation, the submission of LHKPN by employees becomes one of the requirements in the promotion process. Violations to the obligation shall also become the object of disciplinary enforcement of Bank Indonesia.

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