Objectives and Tasks - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
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November 30, 2020

:: Single Objective

tambatan_kestabilan1.jpgIn its capacity as central bank, Bank Indonesia has one single objective of achieving and maintaining stability of the Rupiah value. The stability of the value of the Rupiah comprises two aspects, one is stability of Rupiah value against goods and services and the other is the stability of the exchange rate of the Rupiah against other currencies. The first aspect is as reflected by the rate of inflation and the second aspect is as reflected by the development of Rupiah exchange rate against other currencies.

The prescribed single objective is intended to establish a target that is clear and to be achieved by Bank Indonesia within its limits and responsibilities. Thus way, the achievement of the objective of Bank Indonesia will be easily measurable.

:: The Three Main Pillars

In the pursuit of the objective, Bank Indonesia is supported by three pillars, representing its three sectors of task. These three sectors (see image below) have to be integrated to ensure that the objective of achieving and maintaining a stable value of Rupiah can be achieved effectively and efficiently.





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