Mission and Vision - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
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November 23, 2020

Vision, Mission and Strategic Values


To become the foremost digital central bank that creates tangible contribution to the national economy and be the best central bank amongst emerging market countries towards an Advanced Indonesia.


  1. To achieve and maintain Rupiah stability through effective monetary policy and Bank Indonesia policy mix; 
  2. To engage in maintaining financial system stability through effective macro-prudential policy in synergy with micro-prudential policy by the Financial Services Authority (OJK);
  3. To engage in developing digital economy and finance through strengthening Bank Indonesia payment system policy in synergy with the government and other strategic partners policies;
  4. To support macroeconomic stability and sustainable economic growth through achieving synergy among Bank Indonesia’s policy mix, Government’s fiscal policies and structural reformation as well as other strategic partners policies; 
  5. To engage in enhancing financial market deepening in order to strengthen the effectiveness of Bank Indonesia policy and to support national economic financing; 
  6. To develop sharia economy and finance from the national level to the regional level;
  7. To build a digital-based central bank in terms of the policies and institutional arrangements by strengthening the organisation, human resource, governance and reliable information system as well as proactive international role.

Strategic Values
Bank Indonesia’s strategic values are: (i) trust and integrity; (ii) professionalism; (iii) excellence; (iv) public interest; and (v) coordination and teamwork, based on the nobility of religious values.

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