Mission and Vision - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
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June 24, 2018
:: BI Vision
To be a credible institution and the best central bank in the region by strengthening the strategic values held as well as through the achievement of low inflation along with a stable exchange rate.
:: BI Mission
  1. To achieve rupiah exchange rate stability and maintain the efficacy of monetary policy transmission in order to drive quality economic growth.
  2. To nurture an effective and efficient national financial system that can withstand internal and external shocks in order to support the allocation of funding/financing that contributes to national economic stability and growth
  3. To ensure a secure, efficient and smooth payment system that contributes to the domestic economy and helps maintain monetary as well as financial system stability whilst broadening access in the national interest.
  4. To build and maintain the organisation and human resources of Bank Indonesia, who are performance based and honour integrity, as well as to enforce good corporate governance in the implementation of tasks as mandated in prevailing laws.
:: Strategic Values
Trust and Integrity –Professionalism – Excellence – Public Interest – Coordination and Teamwork
:: Strategic Objectives
To realize its Mission, Vision and Strategic Values, Bank Indonesia has stipulated the following medium-long term strategic objectives :


  1. Strengthen inflation control in terms of demand and supply
  2. Maintain exchange rate stability
  3. Foster deep and efficient financial markets
  4. Maintain financial system stability, underpinned by solid payment system surveillance
  5. Realise directed, efficient and synergetic financial inclusion
  6. Maintain a payment system that is secure, efficient and free from disruption
  7. Strengthen accountable financial management at Bank Indonesia
  8. Realise an effective and efficient work process supported by Information Systems, culture and governance
  9. Expedite the availability of competent human resources
  10. Build and strengthen strategic alliances and enhance the public perception of BI
  11. Ensure a smooth transition of the supervisory function to the Financial Services Authority (OJK)
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