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October 02, 2020


A. Head Office of Bank Indonesia

As part of its public education program, Bank Indonesia accepts public visits to the Central Office (educational institutions, corporate, etc) with the following conditions:

Registration is compulsory by completing the form on this page, complemented by a formal letter with company/school/university letterhead to:

Communication Department
Bank Indonesia, Gedung Thamrin Lt 2
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 2, Jakarta 10350
Fax :(021) 386-1458
Telp. : Contact Center Bank Indonesia: (kode area) 500 131       

The Registration Letter must clearly state:
- Visit date
- The number of participants, grouped into 20-100 persons per group
- For groups of less than 20 persons, a separate procedure is available
- Person in charge/responsible with contact details (phone/mobile/email/fax)

If you would like to learn more on the roles and functions of Bank Indonesia as a central bank, involving monetary, financial system stability and payment systems, then the application should be addressed to Communication Bank Indonesia and clearly state the purpose of the visit and choice oneof topic from the following:

Monetary topics:
- BI monetary function (including Open Market Operations)
- Inflation Targeting
- Foreign Exchange Management
- Foreign Loans
- Banknote circulation and characteristics of genuine banknotes
- Less Cash Society

Bank Indonesia accepts visit every Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 12pm on a first come first serve basis. Bank Indonesia reserves the right to refuse visit applications.




B. Bank Indonesia Museum

If you would like to study the history of Bank Indonesia and the development of Indonesian currency (Numismatic), then your application should be addressed to the Bank Indonesia Museum, stating the day of intended visit and the number of participants:
Jl. Pintu Besar Utara No.3 (across the city station)
Fax :(021) 2601730
phone. :(021)2600158 Ext.8111, 8102, 8100
email :
Open :
Tuesday to Friday : 07.30 - 15.30 WIB
Saturday to Sunday : 08.30 - 16.00 WIB
Closed on Monday and National Holiday
Free of charge
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