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October 02, 2020
“…the business community, during the last half of century, has transformed into the most dominant institution on the planet. The dominant institution in any society has to take responsibility for joint interest…every decision made, every action taken has to be seen within the context of such responsibility …”
These were the sentiments expressed by Dr. David C. Korten, the author of the best-selling book “When Corporations Rule the World”. Korten is highlighting how corporate activity influences the quality of life of an individual, society as a whole and even the world. This phenomenon is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in a nutshell.
Similarly, social responsibility seems to be growing almost daily at Bank Indonesia, which has more than just legal and monetary economic responsibilities. There are also ethical, social and discretionary responsibilities, which are not legally obligatory but performed out of self-desire.
As legislated by Bank Indonesia Act No. 23, 1999, and superseded by Act No. 3, 2004, as the central bank Bank Indonesia is obliged to establish and maintain rupiah stability. To achieve its goal, there are three pillars that guide Bank Indonesia’s roles and functions, namely to regulate and institute monetary policy; regulate and maintain the continuity of the payment system; and regulate and supervise banks. Bank Indonesia is also requested to maintain a level of community care in the form of its corporate social responsibility.
Care in the surrounding community has a broad meaning, but in short it can be perceived as promoting the organization’s participation and position in the community through numerous efforts towards common benefits for the organization and the community as a whole.
CSR awareness has become a global trend along with the efforts to prioritize stakeholders. Bank Indonesia’s CSR program is a form of Good Corporate Governance, as well as supporting the achievement of the Millennium Goals Development; one of which is to halve poverty by 2015 through MSME-focused CSR, improve public education through education-focused CSR and preserve the environment through environment-focused CSR. Bank Indonesia’s CSR program includes realigning itself with the stakeholders’ requirements and expectations in relation to issues of ethics, social issues, education, the environment as well as the economy.
BI-CSR Program Theme
Based on the belief that communication is an essential factor for Bank Indonesia to maintain its relationship and demonstrate its care in the community, BI CSR aims to prioritize activities that benefit both parties with the all-embracing goals of:
  1. Improving the public’s economic life, particularly the middle to low-income strata.
  2. Assisting government programs in building competent human resources able to compete internationally.
  3. Improving and maintaining the ecosystem through collaboration with the public.
    Therefore, Bank Indonesia CSR Program is reflected by the slogan:
BI COMMUNICATE – eCOsystem, sMall MediUm eNterprIse, and eduCATion for peoplE
BI Study Visit Program
Study Visits to Bank Indonesia’s Central Office are a part of Bank Indonesia’s endeavors to educate the public on subjects related to the Central Bank’s role in the monetary, banking and payment systems. Bank Indonesia provides an opportunity for the general public to visit the Central Office every Tuesday and Thursday according to the procedures set in place.
BI Care Coverage (CSR-BI)
This article provides actual news on BI-CSR activities in the city as well as in rural areas, including other pertinent information regarding CSR-BI (CSR-BI News), available in Bahasa


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