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August 05, 2020


Bank Indonesia
Scripless Securities Settlement System

Bank Indonesia-Scripless Securities Settlement System (BI-SSSS) is a means of transactions with Bank Indonesia including it’s administration and Securities administration electronically and connected directly between participants, organizers and the System of Bank Indonesia - Real Time Gross Settlement (BI-RTGS system).

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BI-SSSS integrates Bank Indonesia transaction system and Securities administration system. Bank Indonesia transaction activities, including (i) the implementation of Open Market Operations (OMO), (ii) provision of funding facilities by Bank Indonesia to the Bank, and (iii) implementation of the Government Securities transactions (SBN) for and on behalf of the Government. While the Securities administration activities include (i) settlement, (ii) registration of ownership, and (iii) the coupon payment / Securities redemption. Activities and administration of transactions conducted in an integrated system and is connected directly (on-line) between Bank Indonesia and the market participants. In addition, the BI-SSSS includes information systems among the participants and host of BI-SSSS, securities settlement systems and securities administration system.

According to it’s function, the BI-SSSS participants consist of: (i) publishers namely Bank Indonesia and the Ministry of Finance, (ii) participants are Bank Indonesia, Bank, Money Market Brokerage Company and Securities Company, and other institutions approved by Bank Indonesia such as Indonesian Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS), and (iii) the participants as the owner of the securities account such as Bank Indonesia, banks and the Sub-Registry.
Securities Settlement through BI-SSSS conducted seamlessly with participants’ funds settlement system through the BI-RTGS system enables participants to take advantage of the BI-SSSS settlement facility in Delivery Versus Payment (DVP) that can be performed rapidly and instantaneously thus minimizing Securities settlement risk.

BI-SSSS enhancement subject to international standards of Recommendations for securities settlement systems of the Committee of Payment and Settlement Systems (CPSS) and the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO ). BI-SSSS always make adjustments and enhancement of their applications to accommodate the needs of the domestic financial market development.

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