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November 24, 2020


As mandated in Act No. 7 of 2011 concerning Currency, Bank Indonesia operates cashier services at each cash unit. These units take cash deposits and disburse cash to commercial banks and treasurers of government projects with accounts at Bank Indonesia, while also providing currency exchange services for the public and the banking system. Bank Indonesia also provides outdoor cash services in the form of mobile cashiers, cash custodian and small change services operated in partnership with third parties.

Indoor Cash Services

Rupiah banknotes and coins may be exchanged at all Bank Indonesia cash units, i.e. at the 39 Bank Indonesia Regional Offices. Exchange services at Bank Indonesia are normally available on certain days commencing from 09:00 hours and closing at 11:30 hours local time. During periods in advance of religious festivities, Bank Indonesia operates exchange services on each working day. The scope of the services covers exchange of currency fit for circulation or unfit for circulation (worn, defective or damaged) with clean currency in the same denomination or another denomination and exchange of demonetized currency within the applicable exchange period.

Outdoor Cash Services

Mobile cashier services are operated by almost all Bank Indonesia Regional Offices. It took place in the crowd centers such as market, exhibition, college/universities, etc.Meanwhile, small change services operated in partnership with third parties held on certain places i.e. at the train station in cooperation with PT. KeretaApi Indonesia. Moreover,Bank Indonesia in collaboration with Ministry of People’s Welfare, Ministry of Social Affairs and Indonesia Navy, provided currency exchange and small change services on the remote and outermost area of Indonesia.

Cash Custodian

To provide cash need in remote areas, Bank Indonesia open cash custodian in cooperation with local commercial banks. Up to Desember 2014, there are 29 cash custodian operated in Bank Indonesia Regional Offices as follows: 


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