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October 26, 2020



In carrying out the main task in currency circulation, it is necessary for Bank Indonesia to make each currency issued and curculated have characteristics and sufficient security features, in order to make it easily attempts of counterfeiting.

Rupiah banknote can be identified by the characteristic below :

  1. The materials used for banknote is 100% is cotton fiber, except for Rp100.000 denomination, that year issuance is 1999, is made from polymer substrate.
  2. Watermark, a design of picture on the banknote that can be seen from both sides of the banknote when held up to the light.​
  3. Security Thread, the vertical stripe, which is embedded in the paper that appears as a line, only visible when held up to the light.
  4. Intaglio Printing, relief's print that feels thicker when touched.
  6. Rectoverso, a design that consists of two different patterns printed simultaneously on both sides of banknote. The complete pattern can only be seen when the banknote is held up to the light.
  7. Optical Variable Ink, special link in BI logo that when you tilt the banknote up and down will change the color.
  9. Micro Printing, text printing in micro size that can be read with a magnifier
  10. Invisible ink, special ink that is used to print hidden image that glow under UV light.
  11. Multi layer latent image/metal layer, a printing techniques where in one single printing area can be seen more than one image when observed from different angle.
  12. Color window/clear window, a colored but transparent Metameric filter and three dimensional Embossed Transitory Image of the logo of BI.
  13. Clear Window, one portraying an image of rice and cotton as a vignette.



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