Official Reserve Assets Amounted to USD126.5 Billion - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
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April 22, 2018

No.19/ 83 /DKom

Indonesia’s official reserve assets position stood at USD126.5 billion as of end-October 2017. Despite lower than the end of September 2017 level at USD129.4 billion, the end of October 2017 reserve asset position was sufficient to finance 8.6 months of imports or 8.3 months of imports and servicing of government external debt repayments, well above the international standards of reserves adequacy at 3 months of imports. Bank Indonesia considers the position of official reserve assets is able to support the external sector resilience and maintain the sustainability of Indonesian economic growth.

The decline in the reserve assets in October 2017 was mainly due to the use of foreign exchange to repay government external debt and stabilize rupiah in accordance with its fundamental. In addition, the decline was also attributable to lower banks’ foreign currency term deposits to Bank Indonesia in line with the residents’ necessity to repay their foreign currency liabilities. Bank Indonesia will continue to maintain reserve adequacy to support preserved macroeconomic and financial system stability. It is supported by a remained positive domestic economic conditions, improved export performance, and conducive global financial market development

Jakarta, 7 November 2017
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