Food Price Deflation Makes Inflation in October 2017 Remain Low - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
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March 18, 2018

No.19/ 81 /DKom

Consumer Price Index (CPI) Inflation in October 2017 remains controlled and it supports to achieve the targeted inflation in 2017 of 4.0±1% (yoy). CPI inflation in October 2017 is recorded low at 0.01% (mtm) or 3.58% (yoy), slowing down compared to last month (0.13%, mtm) and much lower than the average October inflation in the last three years of 0.18% (mtm). By component, this low inflation is primarily attributable to deflation of volatile food and administered prices. With such development, CPI inflation until October is recorded 2.67% (ytd).

Volatile food group records deflation of 0.53% (mtm), continuing last month’s deflation of 0.67% (mtm). Deflation primarily comes from leghorn chicken, shallot, onion, leghorn chicken’s egg, and cayenne pepper. Annually, volatile food inflation is recorded low at 0.19% (yoy).

Administered prices group also records deflation of 0.01% (mtm) slowing down compared to last month with inflation of 0.15% (mtm). Deflation of administered prices is primarily attributable to the decreasing airfare. Annually, inflation of administered prices reaches 8.68% (yoy).

Core inflation is recorded 0.17% (mtm), decreasing compared to last month of 0.35% (mtm). Inflation in this group primarily comes from university tuition fee, noodle, and rice with side dish. Annually, core inflation is recorded low at 3.07% (yoy).

Going forward, inflation is estimated to remain controlled at low level within the targeted range. Policy coordination between both the Central and Regional Government and Bank Indonesia will be continuously strengthened in inflation control.

Jakarta, 1 November 2017

Executive Director



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