Retail Sales Survey October 2019: Retail Sales Growth Increased - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
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July 05, 2020

The Retail Sales Survey conducted by Bank Indonesia in October 2019 revealed an uptick of retail sales, as confirmed by an increase in the Real Sales Index (RSI) to 3.6% (yoy) from 0.7% (yoy) in September 2019. The retail sales growth was supported by sales of Food, Beverage & Tobacco and Spare Parts & Accessories.

Looking ahead, retailers are forecased continue to grow positively, albeit with a slightly lower growth in November 2019. This is indicated with the November 2019 RSI grow 3.4% (yoy) driven by the sales of Spare Parts & Accessories, Other Household Equipment, and Food, Beverage & Tobacco.

The survey also pointed to milder inflationary pressures at the retail level in the next three months, as reflected by a decline in the 3-month Price Expectations Index (PEI) to 149.2 from 153.1 the month earlier.

Complete information Retail Sales Survey are available here.



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