Retail Sales Continue to Decline - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
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August 11, 2020

The latest Retail Sales Survey conducted by Bank Indonesia revealed a further deterioration in the retail sales contraction recorded in May 2020, with the Real Sales Index (RSI) shrinking by -20.6% (yoy) in the reporting period compared with -16.9% (yoy) in April 2020. Retailers confirmed sales contractions across all commodity groups, with the deepest declines affecting Clothing as well as Cultural and Recreational Goods.

Nevertheless, retailers predicted a slight sales improvement in June 2020 despite remaining in a contractionary phase, as reflected by RSI growth of -14.4% (yoy). Retailers expected the shallower contraction to stem from sales of Food, Beverages and Tobacco as well as Automotive Fuels.

In terms of prices, the latest survey pointed to milder inflationary pressures in the next 3 and 6 months (August and November 2020) as respondents hold selling prices to maintain demand, as indicated by respective declines in the 3- and 6-month Price Expectations Index (PEI) to 138.6 and 142.5 from 162.4 and 146.4 in July and October 2020.



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