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August 04, 2020

The Retail Sales Survey performed by Bank Indonesia in December 2018 pointed to stronger sales numbers in the reporting period, with the corresponding Real Sales Index (RSI) growth increased to 7.7% (yoy) from 3.4% (yoy) in November 2018. The main drivers of faster real sales growth were Food, Beverages and Tobacco, Cultural and Recreational Goods, Other Household Equipment as well as Spare Parts and Accessories. For the year, therefore, retail sales performance improved in 2018 compared with conditions in 2017, with average sales growth increasing to 3.7% (yoy) in 2018 from 2.9% (yoy) in 2017.

Retailers predicted positive sales growth in January 2019 on the back of Automotive Fuels, Cultural and Recreational Goods as well as Clothing, as reflected by RSI growth of 4.8% (yoy), However, the RSI growth was decelerating in line with cyclical trends at the beginning of each year.

This period survey also confirmed a milder price pressure in the next 3 months (March 2019). The 3-month Price Expectations Index (PEI) decrease to 156.9 from 160.1 the month earlier.

The complete survey result is available in the Retail Sales Survey on the website of Bank Indonesia.



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