Board of Governor's Meeting - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
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September 30, 2020

As a form of public policy transparency, specifically in terms of monetary policymaking, Bank Indonesia announces the schedule of its monthly Board of Governors Meetings (RDG) for the upcoming year. The monthly RDG meetings are held over two days. The first day of the RDG meeting is used to enrich and deepen monetary sector assessments, including regional economic materials (economic developments throughout the Indonesian archipelago), financial system stability, the payment system and rupiah currency management as well as to integrate the variety of policy mix options to be instituted by Bank Indonesia. Subsequently, the Bank Indonesia policy mix is determined on the second day.

The monthly RDG meeting of Bank Indonesia is implemented pursuant to Article 43 of the Bank Indonesia Act (No. 23) of 1999, which has been amended on several occasions, most recently by Act No. 6 of 2009, and stipulates that the RDG meeting shall be held no less than once per month in order to determine general monetary policy. The RDG represents the highest decision-making platform to evaluate existing monetary policy and set the future policy direction.

Board of Governor's Meeting Day/Date
January Wednesday - Thursday, 16 - 17 January
February Wednesday - Thursday, 20 - 21 February
March Wednesday - Thursday, 20 - 21 March
April Wednesday - Thursday, 24 - 25 April
May Wednesday - Thursday, 15 - 16 May
June Wednesday - Thursday, 19 - 20 June
July Wednesday - Thursday, 17 - 18 July
August Wednesday - Thursday, 21 - 22 August
September Wednesday - Thursday, 18 - 19 September
October Wednesday - Thursday, 23 - 24 October
November Wednesday - Thursday, 20 - 21 November
December Wednesday - Thursday, 18 - 19 December
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