Broad Money Developments - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
January 26, 2020
National Broad Money covers liabilities of monetary system (central bank, commercial and rural banks) to domestic private sector (excluding central government holdings of central bank liabilities other than currency and non-resident).
National Broad Money may be defined narrowly or broadly. Narrow broad money (M1) may be defined to include Currency Outside Commercial and Rural Banks and Demand Deposits denominated in Rupiah currency. Broader measure (M2) may cover M1, Saving Deposits, Time Deposits in Rupiah and foreign currency, Demand deposits in foreign currency and Securities other than shares issued by monetary system owned by domestic private sector, with remaining maturity up to 1 (one) year.
The Affecting Factors of Broad Money or Broad Money Liabilities equal to the sum of Net Foreign Assets (NFA), Net Domestic Assets (NDA) and net other items. NDA measure covers Net Claims on Central Government (NCG) and Other Claims (i.e. Local Government, Other Financial Corporations, Non-Financial Corporations and Households) mainly in the form of Loans.
Broad money and Its affecting factors are compiled based on Monetary and Financial Statistics Manual (MFSM) 2000 and Compilation Guide (2008).
The coverage of Broad Money as figured in the following matrix:
Banks Operated in Indonesia
Bank Branches Operated Abroad
Commercial Banks
Rural Banks
-         Broad Money M2
Not Included
-         Deposit
Not Included
-         Credit
Not Included
-         Interest Rate
Not Included
Not Included
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