Payment System - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
September 23, 2018
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01-11-2017 Regulation of Bank Indonesia No. 19/8/PBI/2017 on National Payment Gateway 3326
17-10-2017 Bank Indonesia Regulation Number 19/10/PBI/2017 concerning Implementation of Anti-Money Laundering and Prevention of Terrorism Financing for Non-Bank Payment System Service Provider and Non-Bank Money Changing Service Provider 2147
03-01-2017 Circular Letter of Bank Indonesia No. 18/42/DKSP on Non-Bank Foreign Exchange Business Activities 1791
19-10-2016 Regulation of Bank Indonesia Number 18/20/PBI/2016 on Business Activities of Non-Bank Foreign Exchange 1755
13-11-2015 Bank Indonesia Cicular No. 17/33/DPSP dated 13 November 2015 concerning Procedure for the Usage of Intraday Liquidity Facility 2755
13-11-2015 Bank Indonesia Cicular No. 17/31/DPSP dated 13 November 2015 concerning Operation of Securities Administration through Bank Indonesia-Scripless Securities Settlement System 3380
13-11-2015 Bank Indonesia Cicular No. 17/30/DPSP dated 13 November 2015 concerning Operation of Real Time Fund Settlement through Sistem Bank Indonesia-Real Time Gross Settlement 3764
12-11-2015 Bank Indonesia Regulation Number 17/18/PBI/2015 Concerning Bank Indonesia Operated Systems for Management of Transactions, Administrations of Securities, and Realtime Fund Settlement 3529
01-06-2015 Bank Indonesia Cicular No. 17/11/DKSP dated 1 June 2015 concerning Mandatory Use of Rupiah within the Territory of the Republic of Indonesia 12423
21-01-2014 Bank Indonesia Regulation Number 16/1/PBI/2014 date 21 January 2014 concerning Consumer Protection In Payment System Service 4501
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