Monetary Indicators - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
October 02, 2020
in billions Rupiah

Access Data Time Series
NoItems31 Aug 2020
1Reserve Money928,050
 among others :Currency in circulation756,494
 among others :Bank Deposit at BI169,975
2Net Foreign Assets 1)1,954,621
3Net Domestik Assets 2)-1,026,571
 among others :Net claims on Central Government-108,875
 among others :Liquidity Credits 3)56
 among others :Open Market Operation-361,142
4Memorandum Items' : International Reserves (in million US$) 4)137,041
1) Based on Net Foreign Assets/NFA (Foreign Assets minus Foreign Liabilities, using BI`s balance sheet exchange rate) replacing Net International Reserve (NIR), since June 2009. NFA includes SDR`s alocation since September 2009.
2) Net Domestic Asset (NDA) = Reserve Money - Net Foreign Assets (NFA) 
3) Excluding credit within the chanelling framework 
4) Using the IRFCL concept (SDDS-IMF) based on current price with Official Reserve Asset (ORA) format. The IRFCL concept covers only liquid assets and records at the prevailing exchange rate at the end of period.​
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