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April 23, 2018
Historical Information of Individual Debtor
IDI History
IDI History is a product/output generated by Debtor Information System (SID) encompassing comprehensive information on all credit/loan facilities in all conditions from current to non performing, from 1 rupiah and above, and displaying all information related to repayment history conducted during the last 24 months.
IDI History comprises among others, debtor’s identity, owners and board of directors, credit/loan facilities received, collateral, guarantor and collectibility.
Debtor Information System
It is a system functioning to collect and record credit/loan facilities data submitted by all members of Credit Bureau to Bank Indonesia on monthly basis. The data will be processed to generate an output in the form of IDI History. The financial institution member of Credit Bureau will subsequently have a 24-hours each day to access to SID in order to obtain information on debtors’ data presented individually in a complete version.
SID Data Sources
Debtor data collected by Bank Indonesia is based on the reports submitted by the members of Credit Bureau. There are 2 (two) types of participation in the Credit Bureau, namely:
1. Mandatory
Financial Institutions required to become members of Credit Bureau are: (a) Commercial Banks, (b) Rural Banks with total asset of 10 billion rupiah and above during 6 (six) consecutive months, and (c) Non Bank Credit Card Providers which is financing companies conducting credit card activities.

2. Voluntary
Financial institutions eligible to become members of Credit Bureau are: (a) Rural Banks with total asset that does not yet fulfill the requirements of mandatory membership but have obtained approval from Bank Indonesia, (b) Non Bank Financial Institutions (including insurance companies, pension funds, securities, venture capital and financing companies) as well as other institutions extending people’s fund management, and (c) Cooperatives. Requirements to be fulfilled by potential member of Credit Bureau are:
  1. Adequate infrastructure;
  2. Data Structure complied to SID requirements;
  3. Approved by Bank Indonesia; and
  4. Signing Membership Agreement in Debtor Information System (especially for Non Bank Financial Institution and Cooperatives).
Non-Bank Financial Institution which already SID members are:
SID Process

​1.a ​Prospective debtor submits application for provision of credit/loan facilities.
​2.a ​Financial Institution member of Credit Bureau conducts evaluation by, among other, searching for information regarding the data of facility obtained by the prospective debtor presented in IDI History (BI Checking).
​3.a ​The result of IDI request in the form of IDI History comprising data of facilities received by prospective debtor
4.a/5.a ​ In the event where the approval of provision of credit/loan facilities is granted, the Financial Institution will submit a report to Bank Indonesia.​

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