Speeches - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
July 15, 2020
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22-11-2016 Speech Governor of Bank Indonesia, Agus D.W. Martowardojo at Bank Indonesia's Annual Meeting 'Optimizing Potential, Strengthening Resilience', Jakarta, 22 November 2016 2268
24-11-2015 Bank Indonesia Governor's Address, Agus D.W. Martowardojo, Jakarta 24th November 2015 Expediting Transformation Through Synergy on Bank Indonesia Annual Meeting of 2015 1963
20-11-2014 Safeguarding Stability, Continuing Synergy to Accelerate Structural Reforms (Speech Governor of Bank Indonesia Agus DW Martowardojo at the 2014 Annual Meeting of Bank Indonesia), Jakarta, 20 Nov 2014 4092
18-11-2013 Manage Stability, Promote Transformation towards Sustainable Economic Growth (Annual Bankers’ Dinner, 14th November 2013) 4920
26-11-2012 Towards Sustainable and Inclusive Growth: Challenges amidst the Global Turbulence.
Dr.Darmin Nasution, Governor of Bank Indonesia - Bankers’ Dinner 23 November 2012
24-01-2011 Bank Indonesia Policy Direction 2011 (Bankers Dinner, January 21, 2011) 5156
Keynote Address by Dr. Darmin Nasution Governor of Bank Indonesia at The Indonesia Investment Forum Jakarta, 29 September 2010
23-04-2010 Panel Discussion at The NYSSA New York : Investment Opportunities Abound in Indonesia 5004
26-01-2010 Speech of Dr. Darmin Nasution (Acting Governor – Bank Indonesia) on Banker’s Dinner 2010 “Strengthening Indonesian Banking, Embracing Global Recovery” 5203
06-10-2009 Statement by Mr. Nasution, Acting Governor of Bank Indonesia, on Twentieth Meeting International Monetary and Financial Committee 5160
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