Background - Bank Sentral Republik Indonesia
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August 26, 2019


Domestic and external changes demand a more proactive central bank to achieve the national development goals. To that end, the policy and institutional strategies require strengthening through the support of a center of advancement linked to research, education and leadership building.

In the past decade, domestic and global economy changes seem to have gone rapidly. In response to these undulating economic dynamics, countries all over the world including Indonesia shall be required to continue adapting to strengthening and honing its policy efficacy.

The development of quality human resources (HR) to lead the national economy is a challenge that demands an adequate response. HR management is expected to mould professional and competitive human resources with economic insights and strong leadership qualities to anticipate future challenges.

Bank Indonesia’s Board of Governors has initiated five BI’s transformation themes, including a Motivated Organisation, of which one agenda item is to establish Bank Indonesia Institute (BI Institute). The BI Institute is a critical pillar in achieving Bank Indonesia’s vision of becoming the best and the most credible and the best central bank in the region.

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